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11 questions

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Sue from  Cookies Chronicles tagged me.

She will start her  Best of the blogosphere februari linkup Wednesday 29th.
Be sure to go over and link up your favorite post of februari.

 The rules.

Each person must post 11 things about herself on his/her blog.

Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in her post, 

and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

You must choose 11 people to tag and link to them in the post.

Let each blogger know that you have tagged him/her.

11 things about myself.
1.I'm the oldest of three sisters.

2.I have a weird taste in music,
I pretty much love everything except for heavy metal and stuff.
I love pop music, gospel music, salsa, 
but I also listen to Bollywood, Arab and Turkish music, and sing along, well sort of.

3. Do you know that story about the princess and the pea?
That's me, one crumb or grain of sand in my bed and I can't sleep.
It cracks my husband up, I can get up in the middle of the night 
and obsessively start to wipe the bed.

4.I hate noise in the morning, mornings should be quiet.
I'm still trying to teach my children that.

5. This should be a shocker: I don't drink alcohol..ever.. 
Not because I have principles about it, 
I don't like it, alcohol makes me nauseous. 

6.I don't drink coffee either, I can't stand it..

7. When I was 16, I smoked a whole week, my parents don't read my blog, 
so I can tell you this.
After a week I decided, that it was disgusting and I stopped.

8.My favorite movie ever, is 'A walk in the clouds' with Keanu Reeves.
If you know me, you know why, every shot is like a photograph or like poetry.

Source: Pinterest

9. I used to be a really good dancer, now I dance just really weird.
I am an expert at doing really weird dances.

10.I am absolutely passionate about books, I read at an abnormal speed. 
I have way too many books in my house. 
There are more books than Cd's in this house, 
more books than toys and there are loads of toys, 
maybe even more books than clothes..

11.I love Lego. 
I don't love standing on it with my bare feet, 
or picking it up in order to vacuum,
but I looove Lego.

Every once in a while I sit with my kids and start to build something. 
One time we made a super agent headquarters, 
it had a secret entrance, a radar on the roof, camera's everywhere, 
a control room where we had computers and a platform to land spy airplanes.  
Oh and then we made the island where the bad guys live.. 
We made that at my initiative..
Need I say more?

The 11 questions Sue gave me to answer:

1. How many times have you been tagged to answer 11 questions?

- This is my very first tag. And because I have to do twice the work, let's hope it stays that way.

2. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things (yes, just three - no cheats!) 

would you want to have with you?
- My laptop, assuming I can get it to work of course. 
I would be on Pinterest and Google all day to find out, 
how to build myself a 5 star resort from palm leaves and branches.
- My Nikon photocamera, it goes wherever I go.
- My family, I can't live without them.

3. Would you rather take a relaxing bath or go shopping on Black Friday?

- The Relaxing bath! Don't get me wrong, I love shopping, but lunatism..not so much.
luckily, we don't have black Friday in Holland, we do have lunatism.

4. What is one thing you hope some day to do or achieve? Why is it so important to you?

- I cannot look very far into the future, all I want, is to get completely well again, and be me.
Right now, that's all I want out of life, to get well and enjoy life with my loved ones.

5. What is your favorite way to waste time?
- Social media, sometimes a total waste, but absolutely enjoyable .

6. Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Who's your favorite leading man, and why?

- Hmm, tough one..Johnny Depp was one of my teenage idols..swoon..sigh..
But he plays weird characters, like Edward Scissorhands and Jack Sparrow. 
And Brad Pitt, well I still haven't forgiven him for leaving Jennifer..

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

7. The book or the movie? If you know a great book is coming out as a movie,
 will you wait for the movie or rush through the book before it comes out?
- I would rush through the book, if I couldn't make it in time, I would see the movie,
 then read the book and tell everyone, that the book was SO much better.

8. If you could hire someone to take care of something for you -  anything at all 

(money is no object) - what would it be?

- Money is no object?!...I'm drifting off..wait, 
okay... I'm back from my big house by the see in a warm country with no bugs..
And of course, I'm gorgeous, because you can totally buy beauty..
Anywho..I'm sorry, to be honest..the kids..no, no, the cleaning, 
or no,.. I would redecorate my house, 
I would draw everything and pick out things and then drink my tea, 
as I watch other people do it for me! 
No, no, no, I think I would make them build me a new home..
And a huge garden, with a tree house in it. 
Okay, I have to move on now..

Source: Pinterest.

9. What was your favourite subject in school, and why?
- English, I loved it. Favorite sentence I ever had to learn: say it with a British accent: 
"You have an abominable pronunciation."
I love the language, I always have.

10. Back, side or front? What's your favourite position? SLEEPING people. 
I'm talking about sleeping. Sheesh. Minds... gutter... out! ;)
- On my side or I will go nuts.

11. Link us to your favorite post, why is it your favorite?
- It's impossible for me to choose one!

My first vlog, still makes me cry and smile at the same time 
(and also hide in embarrassment.)
Seasons change,my first real writing post. 
Silver lining, my first post about what it is like to be depressed.
 Imperfect, a big step in accepting myself.
 Grace, it was healing to write this.
 Roses and pearls, I'm very proud of these pictures.

I'm not tagging anyone, sorry!
Just answer one or more questions in the comments.
(I stole that idea from Bridget )

Now my questions:
1.What weird thing have you said this week to your children?
( I will go first: If you kill each other, I will finish the one that survives.)

2. What embarrassing thing have you said or done this week?
3. What have you said to yourself to motivate yourself this week?
4. What little thing could and would you like to change, to make your life easier?
5. What little thing are you grateful for this week?
6. What beautiful thing in your home cannot be missed?
7.If you are on twitter, about what do you tweet the most????
8. What made you proud this week?
9.What made you laugh out loud this week?
10. What did you do to make someone else laugh out loud this week?
11. What is your favorite tweet or blog comment of the week?

I believe this is my longest post ever, and now I have to translate this in Dutch, 
please don't tag me again..

Did you make it to the bottom of this post?
Here is your bonus: You don't wanna miss this!
Or..maybe you do..

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