About me

Apples and Roses

The short version:

Me: creative, honest, whimsical, emotional, mother to three lovelies, wife for over a decade, teacher, 
social media addict, wanna be photographer, wanna be writer, ppd survivor, loving all that is simple and beautiful.

The slightly longer version:

I have no niche, no subject, no direction, no rules.
This blog is me and my journey through life, the good the bad the ugly, but mostly the pretty,
because I need to be reminded of the pretty, always.

The long version:

This is my little place in the blogosphere were I get to be me.
My creativity, my love for words and prose, my thoughts about motherhood or anything for that matter,
 my photography, my (weird?) sense of humor.
 I spill it all here on these pages, in my little spot where I come to remind myself, 
that however tough life can be, there is still beauty to be found. 

This is where I come to meet others like me or unlike me, this is where capture my journey, my joys, my failures, my victory. 
This is were I share my many loves, including the ones with a heartbeat.
There's no way of knowing were this journey will lead me or what happens along the way.
All I can say is:  you're invited for the journey.

The really long version: 
Including a very cute picture of my kids..
Click here.

The totally awesome version:
Um, there is no totally awesome version. Just skip this one.

The -I-am-afraid-of-big-white-birds-version:
Yep, believe me. This version of me exists.
You will want to read this. 
And there are lots of pictures in the post as proof.
I shouldn't even try to convince you to go to this embarrassing post..
Click here.

The selfie version:

The life version:
Totally camera shy but still vlogging..
The video is at the bottom of the post, skip the post, go straight to the video.
Click here.

Thank you for reading and listening!
And um, if you clicked on all those links, you are totally awesome!

Enjoy my blog! 

xx Mirjam