dinsdag 17 september 2013

Just wait

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I'm always a little sad to see summer ending.
I can do without mosquito's, ants running around my house 
and those days when it's too hot to go outside.
What I am going to miss is waking up with the sun,
walking around barefoot and feeling warm sunshine on my face.

The transition from summer to fall came very abruptly this year.
One day my kids were running around the backyard in their swimming suits, 
the next day, temperatures dropped and it started pouring.

I wouldn't be me, if I at least didn't try too look at things from the bright side.
And I remind myself of how much I love fall.
And I do, I absolutely love fall.
I just needed a little more time to say my goodbyes.

My garden has been a sad sight lately.
a few forgotten toys are lying around, 
my parasol is hiding in it's cover, 
and faded flowers are turning brown from the rain.
The sandbox is half opened, accompanied by a little orange scoop on a pile of wet sand.
It looks almost surprised that it has been abandoned so suddenly .

Determined to make the best of things, I roll up my sleeves.
I rush to the flower shop for some color.
The flower shop is quiet, I guess no one buys garden flowers when it's raining.

And oh, it rains. 
It rains and rains and it stops raining and then it rains some more.

Then, to my surprise, the sun breaks through the clouds.
Bright, powerful and warm.
Not for long, but just long enough to sparkle.

All pictures are straight out of camera.