dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

10 Things you must do this fall

Go for a a walk in the woods.
There is only one way to really enjoy autumn.
Get out there and enjoy it up close.
Watch the weather forecast and pick a dry sunny afternoon,
you can even combine it with a little fall picnic.

Collect pine cones.
Make sure to look for different ones.
There are so many different pine cones and some are really pretty.
You can put them on a plate, in a vase or use them to make a fall wreath.
Make sure to collect lots and lots of them. 
They keep forever, and you'll be happy when Christmas time arrives,
 the stores will be selling pine cones that you could have picked for free..

Little experiment to do with kids: Place a pine cone in a bowl of water.
The pine cone will close itself. When you leave it out to dry it will open up again. 
It's like magic.

Go for a walk on a misty morning.
Autumn has it's foggy mornings. 
Put on some warm clothes and go for a walk. 
I promise you'll see beautiful things.

Dry hydrangea flowers.
Fall is the best time to collect and dry hydrangea flowers.
I find it hard to dry hydrangea's. 
Sometimes they dry up perfectly, other times they wither.
In autumn hydrangea's are stronger and much easier to dry.

Make a fall picture.
Don't you just love fall pictures?
 Make it fabulous, with fall leaves bokeh in the background 
or simple, a bright colored leaf being held.

Go apple picking.
I visited an apple orchard once with my kids and I will try to do it again this fall.
My kids ran around the apple orchard with the cutest baskets ever 
and we a great time.

And while you are at it, you have a taste of autumn.
Make home made apple sauce, apple cinnamon muffins, apple pie, yumm!
And don't stop with apples. Think about pears, blue berries, blackberries...
If you have kids, this is all for educational purposes.
If not, ehm...I have no excuse for you, 
other than that I ordered you, to have a taste of autumn.

Decorate your house.
I love decorating my house for fall.
Simple things, not big things.
A little plate with chestnuts, a basket filled with pinecones,
cute little pumpkins. The best thing is, most of these things are free,
which brings me to the next one on the list.

Collect fall treasures.
It is fun. It's as simple as that.

Tip for kids: make a fall display.
I make a different one every year.
This year the kids could make them in their own room,
sometimes I add some books about fall to the display.

Watch the sun set or rise.
Autumn is a spectacular season.
Have you ever seen a rainbow? Fall is your best chance to see one.
It isn't just the trees that are a feast for the eyes,
autumn skies can be amazing.
Just take your time to watch it and take it all in.
Don't let all that beauty pass you by.
And again, it is free of charge.

Light candles in the evenings.
You might as well make the best of those autumn evenings.
Not just inside the house, but in your garden as well.
Candles create such a wonderful atmosphere..
(But please, be safe about it, you don't want to burn down the neighborhood.)

I can actually think of more must do things for fall, but I said 10. 
So 10 it is.

What is your absolute fall must do?