woensdag 19 november 2014

Moms don't get sick.

It is that time of the year again.
I take my child to school, and hope that they'll survive the annual germ fest.
When I hear kids coughing, I pray to God that no one coughs in my child's face. 
If one of my kids does get sick, I hope that the kid doesn't infect the rest of the family. 
But mostly I pray that I won't get sick.

Because Moms can't be sick.

Because I don't do sick very well.
And I don't have time to get sick.
Sick usually means, feeling sick but still doing everything.
There's laundry, and dinners and a house that has to be cleaned. 
Children that have to be taken to school and sports, 
groceries that have to be done. 

And Moms can't get sick, they can't.

Of course I got sick this past week, you know I did.
I didn't just get sick, I got epic sick.
As in: laying in bed alternately shivering and sweating.
As in: not eating, hardly even drinking anything for 4 days.
Not being able to speak because my tonsils were the size of small beach balls.
And I did nothing around the house. Nothing.
Because you need to be able to stand firmly on your feet 
to be able to do anything.
The least.

I haven't done anything around here in 6 days.
That has never happened before.
Even when I broke my shoulders, I did all I could do with one arm.
4 days after gallbladder surgery I was picking up toys.
Although I needed to rest. 

Because of that Moms don't get sick crap.

Why do we do this?
Why do we snort when someone says: you should go back to bed?
Why do we give ourselves one day in bed, 
then crawl out of bed and resume our busy lives
running on Tylenol and orange juice.
Moms get sick. All the time.
There's nothing abnormal about that. 
The abnormality is, 
that we don't take time to get well again.