woensdag 4 april 2012


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My boy is growing up.
He is getting bigger and smarter every day.
And so is his world.

I wish he could stay the way he is right now, 
I don't want him ever to know about  murder; prostitution;
 pedophilia; pornography; school shootings..
All the bad things that are happening out there.

I realize that these things are part of my world. 

Not his.

His world is about Mario Galaxy, school, gym, Sponge Bob, Phineus and ferb, Lego, eating,
eating some more, french fries, homework, school, friends and family.

That's it, that's his whole world.

And I would really like it, if it could stay that way.

I need to tell him about the birds and the bees.
The real version, not the preschool version.
I want him to be educated by us, be able to talk to us, 

But I hesitate..
 I don't really want him to be part of my world.

We sat on the couch the other day.
And dancing around it, I tried to talk to him about s-e-x.

Finally, I said: "You know, you can talk to us about anything.
We want to talk to you, and tell you how we think about things.
because not everyone thinks the same. And we want to teach you our values."

"You know, you can even ask us about sex."

Just saying the word in front of my nine year old made me feel awkward.
Like by saying that word, I already ruined his world.

"So do you? Do you have any questions?"
Yes mom. I have, he said.

I braced myself, we were actually going to do this.

"Mom, what are drugs?"

What are your thoughts?
How did you prepare your children, or how do you intend to prepare your kids?
I would really like to hear from you.